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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rains. the vacation island received the brunt of the storm, heavy surf, and hurricane-force wind gusts lashed the coast. many vacationers out earlier in the day as hurricane earl stormed in to cover once the heavy rain bands moved in. in chatham, the threat was president enough to stop this couple from saying i-do. >> it is always memorable. it has given us many challenges, but nothing has stopped us. >> their special day shared with a hurricane. earl wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard beginning with the outer banks overnight. the eye of the storm stayed off short to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. on new york's long island powerful rain and rip currents created dangerous conditions at area beaches. >> several rip tide out there, and we are starting to see a lot
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of beach erosion. >> now that earl has arrived in new england, the question is, how much damage will he leave behind. michelle franzen, nbc news, chatham, massachusetts. >> john collins is tracking the storm. >> they sl have some good weather, this holiday weekend. and beautiful weather here, too. especially for all the folks at ocean city. they put up with a lot of squalorly weather yesterday. -- squally weather, too. the rest of the weekend is stunning. here's the satellite combination. you can see the storm pulling away. it is a rather large eye of the storm, but it is a weaker storm than it was when it was down at our latitude. it is due east of cape cod. rain bands moving through the
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state right now. a few showers up in parts of new york state near lake eerie and lake ontario. that is some remnant stuff with a cool front that has now passed to our east. the hurricane is out of the way, the cool front is out of the way, and what's coming in is stunning weather for us for the next few days. i'll have details coming up in just a few minutes. >> well, the storm has come and gone, and the forecompazz didn't come too close -- forecast didn't come too close to the md -- to the maryland shoreline. >> it looks like ocean city is saying good-bye to earl. >> earl just brushes against the area. >> i think we made out very well. i don't know of any damage in the town whatsoever. the surf is rough. we'll probably going to face some erosion. maybe clean-up of sand on the parking lot. >> the main hot spot during the storm was the inland area as tourists came from all over to take a picture of earl and the 8
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to 12-foot surf. >> what are you seeing out here? >> it is pretty exciting. >> some were impressed, others not so much. >> it's ok. i'm glad there wasn't any damage or anything. that's the best thing. it will probably hurt the businesses, but at least it is better in the long run. >> i've seen it worse out here. we have a hurricane years ago. it was played out. >> earl really wasn't much of a power. we saw wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour with light to moderate rain from time to time. there was minor flooding during high tide at the in land and other low-lying areas, and beach erosion was relatively minor as well. >> it is kind of cool, actually. >> windy, right? >> in the end, it was the ocean city emergency operations that really got to put its feet up after a week of preparation, and earl never really put up a
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fight. >> we would have been impacted one way or another. everybody works together, and we were ready for whatever would have come. >> i'm lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a cruise ship from baltimore is returning home after hurricane earl forced details at sea. many in our area were on the carnival cruiseship the pride. now scheduled to spend two days at sea after making it to the bahamas yesterday. it will return to baltimore on sunday. story to tell there. you can get an up-close look at tropical storm earl as it churns north. you can see them by clicking on slide shows and we'll keep storm tracker up throughout the hurricane season. >> a powerful earthquake struck new zealand. a state of emergency has been declared in christchurch about 35 miles from the epicenter.
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hospitals are dealing with lots of the cuts and bruces, but nobody died. >> in some ways, we have been extraordinarily lucky when it comes to the citizens here. but in terms of the scale of the damage, i think it is absolutely immense. we are really just beginning to come to terms with the scale of what we have in front of us at the moment. >> 13,000 earthquakes hit new zealand every year but only 150 are felt by residents and less than 10 cause any damage. >> so back here in maryland, a fire in ann arundel has left a mother and her child without a home. officials say it was not an accident. fire officials were called fot scene and had the -- to the keep and had the fire under control in 20 minutes. officials believe it was arson. >> if anyone has information leading to the cause of the fire, because it was incendiary in nature and intentionally set.
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>> the woman and child are being helped this morning from the red cross. luckily neither was injured. >> and another fire, possibly set on purpose, is under investigation this morning. this one in elkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sports club. the fire began early friday morning. automatic sprinklers activated and put it out. no injuries were reported. >> in our commitment 2010 report this morning, new financial reports due to be filed yesterday show the strength of political challengers in both the governor's race and the state's attorney's race in baltimore. i-team investigative reporter jayne miller has more. >> ehrlich has out-raised o'malley.
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in that baltimore states attorney's race greg bern steen -- bernstein continues his support to out-race jessamy mple -- greg bernstein continues to out-perform pat jessamy by a margin of 3-1. he has raised more than 70,000 in 19 days from august 10 through 29. most of the donations, according to the bernstein campaign, less than $100. each. that leaves a comfortable cushion. by contrast jessamy has pulled in 28,244 over the same 19-day period. the report also shows a $100,000 loan to the jessamy campaign. that's reportedly a personal
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loan jessamy is making to her campaign to help pay for her tv advertising that just started on the air. >> back to the governor's race, a spokesperson called the recent edge in fundraising no big deal. the a spokesman said the o'malley campaign is taking a fund-raising break. he note noted they have maintained a big advantage in cash on hand. i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and maryland's first attempt at early voting began yesterday, and officials tell us it went well. the first numbers on how early voting has gone so far. >> doug and lori of annapolis took early voting attempts. >> we like to get these done and not submit absen tefment e -- absentee ballots. the last update from the -- were
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5:00 p.m. in primary elections, officials usually predict 20% of the total electorate participants. if the numbers stay the same as they were today, we'll reach that 20%. >> these ann arundel county candidates did not expect early voting to keep them campaigning outside of severna park? >> it surprises me a little bit. i think it shows a good decision was made in giving the voters this opportunity. >> does the opportunity to vote over six days instead of one day favor one party's chances of winning over another's? >> that's a tough one to say. it is maryland. it is a primarily democratic state. >> it shows, so far at least, democratic early voting turnout is almost triple that of republicans. >> if you are a voter and you feel passionately bl -- about your candidates or the topics that are being voted on, i think you are going to get out there and vote anyway. >> early voting continues today.
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36 polling places will be open across the straight. they will close on sunday, and tchen early voting will resume on sunday through thursday of next week. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and remember, we are your station for commitment 2010. that means we're your source for stories and information, anything you need to be completely informed. you will find a wealth of content online at -- at >> when we come up, we'll hear from all kinds of people that have justin bieber fever. >> first, a live picture. colscozz has your insta-weather plus forecast ne
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>> take a look at our radar satellite combination. a few showers up along lake eerie and lake ontario. a few remnant showers passing through the area. and of course we have earl pulling away from cape cod right now. earl is now a tropical storm. 70 mile an hour winds headed for the mayor fime provinces of canada leaving in its wake its
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churned up beaches along maryland, delaware, and virginia and down into the outer banks. and of course, up around cape cod, too. they will be a little rip tide during the day today. so the high rip risk for dangerous rip currents. other than that, nice weather. pretty quiet. let's look at what's going on outside now. the sun is beginning to show up. we have generally clear skies. 72 at the inner harbor. humidity is down. barometer down but rising. the barometer is so far down because that hurricane is still nearby, relatively speaking. 600 miles away or something like that. temperatures in the yellows. they are right around the coastal areas and in the bay. pull further away, and you go to green. 70's, 60's. and then blue. 59 in frostberg. over the next couple mornings. some of these will be getting
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down into our area. we just adjusted the temperatures a little bit. annapolis 73. 66 at west minister. still in the 50 adds out west. -- 50's out to the west. here's the cool front. it is moving off shore now, moving all that humid air out and being replaced by nice dry conditions. it might be unsettled showers up in the great lakes, but they won't reach this far south. so really this weather -- look at the lack of storms out to the west. nothing going on out there. this bodes well for a nice weekend. subpoenay today, mild, breezey, especially this morning. north to northwest winds at 10 to 20. 70 to 82. here's the ocean city forecast. on the boardwalk, rip current risk is high. winds 5 to 10 to norm and
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southeast at 5 to 10 on monday. this is almost too per feck to be true -- perfect to be true. here's this area of high pressure coming in. high pressure will dominate our area. the storm track is north. and we are in the sweet spot right here in the mid-atlantic region. 79 today, 78 on subpoenaed, 83 on monday. all three days, low humidity. monday morning in the low 50's. next week, a real lack of rain in the seven-day forecast. today is the 12th day with no rain. and with these warmer temperatures next week back into the 80's, at some point we will welcome a day of rain somewhere in here. it is not in the immediate future. >> coming up, what a social networking site is doing to make
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their site safer. >> and you won't be alone. if you are heading for vacation. >> and justin bieber is pe
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>> in this morning's "consumer alert" private employers added jobs making a double-dip recession seem unlikely. the problem remaining, unemployment. it is now at 9.6%. an indication the economy isn't going anywhere fast. >> jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need to. >> people are really losing confidence and faith. >> this elections just two months away, president obama's economic plan has failed.
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the president is expected to unveil proposal to help spur job growth in the coming weeks. >> kia has recalled 210 and 2011 sorrentos to fix wiring. some wiring harness may have been improperly installed. kia owners with a recalled vehicle will be notified later this month. >> the the last weekend of summer is underway, and travel experts say it will be busy this weekend. >> a 10% increase in vacation packages general for this year's holiday weekend. that's why the auto club is saying it will be a busy travel weekend, like it has been all summer. >> labor day appears to be
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following the trend like we witnessed and experienced for memorial day and the 4th of july. >> the fact is, travel has been better all year, but so has the economy and so have gas prices. that's about 8 cents more than this time last year, and it is certainly much cheaper than it was back in 2008 when the price of gasoline was around $3. 75 a gallon for gasoline prices. more in line to what we saw this year. >> some on the eastern seaboard may be hampered by hurricane earl, but overall the experts expect a lively labor day weekend travel-wise. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> facebook let's people close their facebook acts from a different computer. this will address the security problem many facebook users have as they leave a computer logged
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on without realize it. the feature will become available over the neck couple weeks, however it will not be accessible on mobile devices. bieber mania hits maryland. it is the number teens and tweens have been waiting for. first, a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> the baltimore summer antique show is underway. it features the most valuable item ever exhibited. a monet painting worth $5.8 million. the tickets are just $12. many fans will be happy to hear that justin bieber is headed to maryland after having to cancel a couple concerts last weekend. the newest super-star will perform tomorrow at the state fair, which means bieber fever is here. rob roblin has more. >> how popular is justin bieber? put it this way. tickets for his concert here at the state fair sunday night sold out in 18 minutes. ♪ my breath is your breath >> 16-year-old justin bieber is the newest heartthrob. the canadian born singer was discovered at 14 on youtube.
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his debut single charted in the top 20 in over 10 countries. he will debut at the fair tonight. at the fair, there is already excitement. just mention his name, and his fans will tell you -- >> i like his songs. >> you are a big fan, huh? >> he's a really good singer. >> he's really cute, too. >> and he doesn't disappoint his fans. >> 8-year-old grace performed one of his songs today. ♪ we're just friends but what are you saying ♪ >> when we tried to talk with her, she has what many of you ladies will identify with, a brother. >> he's awesome. >> why don't you um at a time one of his songs? >> do go ahead.
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>> here's the big winner. 11-year-old jacqueline sutt who, thanks to wbal-tv 11 news, won tickets to the concert and will meet justin. >> you are going to meet him, right? >> yes. >> what are you going to say? >> i don't know. >> hi, and i like your music. >> the concert is at the state fairgrounds. >> share your state fair photos and cell phone video with us. log on to wbal-tv 11 news, click on "you local" and you could see your big event. >> what do you think she's going to say? >> i don't know. i think she's going to freeze. what would you say? >> nice hair. >> i think i would freeze, too. >> 6:27. 75 drooze on tv hill.
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coming up, a look at our top stories. >> new details emerging about the hostage drama, including the 911 calls for help.
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>> welcome back to "11 news
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saturday morning". thanks for joining us. >> we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. first we go to john. >> it is nice this morning coming into work. pleasant, low humidity. we miss the storm yesterday. more on that. i mean, it was a glancing blow to the mid-atlantic region. squally weather would be the best way to describe the beach area. >> squally is good. >> it wasn't a disaster. now the storm is moving up toward canada. here's the satellite imaginary. a wide view. the storm is due east of cape cod now. earl is just below hurricane force at this stage. coming in behind is, nice, dry air. you can see clouds behind this loop. there are showers in western maryland. that dried up. the front is now east of us, and coming in behind all of that, the tropical storm in the front
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is just nice weather. i'll detail that coming up in just a minute. >> earl is one of our top stories this morning. it disrupted vacations but little else in its march up the east coast. earl is now headed away from the massachusetts coast and toward novascotia. in massachusetts there are power outages in outlying areas. >> you can now vote early at 46 polling places around the state. poll places sfay open -- stay open next week with the exception of sunday. go to and click on "politics" for more information.
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>> the police investigating a shooting. police were called to the 2000 of bakers street 10:00 last night. they found a man shot in the head and neck. medics rushed him to the hospital. no word on his condition. however, homicide detectives were called fot scene due to the serious nature of the shooting. >> police released the 911 calls. reporter tracy wilkins has more. >> the first call came from security inside the discovery communications building. >> gun shots in the main lobby. >> the man who told 911 went on to tell the operator that he was in the lobby with the suspected gunman. >> i'm right hyped the main lobby in a secure space. >> behind the main lobby in a secure space? >> yes. >> hold on just a minute, ok? >> yes. >> do you see anybody? >> no, i'm afraid to stick my
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head out because he's going to be coming our way. >> montgomery county, 911. what is the emergency. >> there is a man with a gun inside the lobby of discovery communications. >> one discovery place? >> yes. he has a gun. he is going through the front desk. there are people on the floor. >> there is a hostage in the discovery building. there is someone in the building with guns. i can see people on the floor in in the building. >> there are people on the floor in the building? >> yes. i can see it. >> then a call from an employee. >> when i walked by him, he said, nobody moving. we had a cafe and i'm hiding in the kitchen. employees of the cafe. >> another security guard contacted 911, and while on the phone noticed the picture of suspected gunman james lee that was posted inside the security office? >> james lee, possibly short black hair, clean shaven.
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>> hold on one second for me. you said you have a guy on the camera has an i.d. and has one person on the ground in front of him? >> correct. correct. >> then an undercover officer approached the building. presumably one of the first officers on the scene. >> someone is running up with a rifle in their arms. >> ok. >> is that the police officer? >> no, he's in shorts, t-shirts, black gentleman. and he has a yellow florescent thing on his shoulder. >> ok. you are good to go with that, ok? >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> police shot and killed the gunman who was identified as james lee. >> 11 fitness shows you three ways to build a lean upper body. >> then the fisherman who pulled this eight-foot bull shark out of the river coming up.
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>> weather-wise, lots of sun, not only today but for the entire holiday weekend.
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>> a cold front has passed through almost all of maryland. it is going out over maryland
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right now. that is the whole part of this storm complex, and it leaves in its wake some terrific weather for the neck few days. let's look outside. there is the sunny conditions that we have. inner harbor 72. humidity way down. 57%. that's a low reading for the hours right around sunrise. usually it is a lot higher than that. it will continue to fall during the day as dry air filters in. that number low but rising as the front and the tropical storm are pulling away from us. west winds at 8 miles per hour. well, we have had kind of a burst in hurricane and tropical storm activity over the past few days. things will quiet down for a while. there is a lot more storm activity coming off the west african coast, but nothing super significant now. but this chart shows from may athrough december an entire calendar year that september 10th is the peak of the
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hurricane season, if you average them all out. so we're in this part right here. so over the next few weeks things could be interesting. yeah, they can very well. it is just we have hit a quiet lull for a few days. 73 annapolis. easton 72. and at edgewood, 68. frederick 64. and it is in the 50's in far western maryland. here's the satellite imaginary. here -- i -- we're following tropical storm earl headed toward canada now. there is no big storm in here at all. nice quiet weather oaf the next few days. and more importantly, it falls on this holiday weekend. what timing. but the sun is the dominant
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thing during the day today. 77 to 82 for the high temperature. small craft advisories will be out. gusts to 25 are expected. not too windy right now, though. a two-foot chop. so water temperatures are still relatively mild. the ocean city forecast, sunny all weekend long. breezey today. a high of 85. 80 on sunday scomprk 80 on monday. now, the rip current risk is high. in the wake of the storm, the sea is still churned up. surf temperature post-ly in the low 70's. insta-weather futurecast, now there will be a storm track to the north of us, so we'll continue to see activity up there, and a couple more storms to the south will be kind of active with a lot of thunderstorms, but high pressure will dominate our part of the world in the mid-atlantic region keeping all the rain either north or south of us. so our forecast over the next
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seven days pretty quiet. 9 today, 78 tomorrow. monday 83. morning lows the next couple days in the 50's. next week we warm up a little bit. wednesday near 90, and more humid, but not out of control. no rain in this forecast really. maybe next weekend we'll see something. we'll wait and see. >> it is not unusual for a fisherman to pull crabs or bass out of the potomac, but shark? a fisherman says he pulled an eight-foot bull shark out of the potomac. he said he caught it 50 miles upstream from the ocean. some experts say bull sharks are the most dangerous sharks in the world to humans. >> i don't know. i'm just not totally buying it. >> well, stay out of the water. >> stay with us. "11 fitness" is coming up next.
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>> time for "11 fitness." three ways to change your body. three i can handle. >> a good way to work your biceps with the bands, most people like bands, because it is
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nonthreatening, and you don't have to worry about free weights, and you won't bulk up. a lot of women are concerned about bulk l up. i tell them the bands are good because you can get different sizes to add more resistance. >> what should you start with? >> start with 15 repetitions without straining yourself. so this is probably a medium-sized band. >> when you say medium-sized band, you mean a medium-sized resistance band. >> yes. >> then you can do a shoulder-plex. keep your knees up. you can alternate, right, left, right, left,. they don't want to lay down. that's why i need your help. >> charles, you know, you need to bring an assistant. how did i become your assistant.
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wait, charles. >> so -- >> the same concept, right? >> am i doing anything -- >> back up. >> it's leak a boomerang here. i can do a butterfly press. >> when i'm with you i see my career plummeting on youtube. am i done? >> for the second. >> i can do this by myself. just push. really great tricep exercise for the back of your arms, and not 10 or 15. >> that is good. charles, i don't know just keep talking.
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charles. you're just doing your own thing. you have done this long enough. just do your thing. i feel like lucille ball. i really do here. >> cross over. biceps, triceps. >> can i be done, please? >> a really great exercise for your mid-section. >> hold on tight. don't let me go. you do two sets of 25. >> it is crazy looking, but it is good. it is just bizarre. this whole moment is bizarre, but i'm sure this is good for you. >> i have no idea what you just said. three ways. what else is happening. you're falling. >> last thing. rotation.
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>> are we going to double-dutch here. >> go away from me. >> this is great for your arms. >> oh, what a shame. we're getting the wrap. >> you started to break a sweat. >> good luck. 22 days to the triathalon. if you would like to get in touch with charles and help him because i'm a terrible assistant go to chizzchizz -- >> coming up this morning on "today" hurricane earl. the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but not before
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hitting the east coast with heavy rain. we will have team coverage up and down the east coast. and we'll also look at the latest jobs report. while the unemployment rate is up, the number of jobs lost is down. what does this say about the economy. right now we are going to find out. >> also, a mother who brings her newborn baby back to life with another kind of touch. >> and it is all over television these days, including an appearance on the "tonight show" last night. we'll have those stories here on
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>> the countdown has arrived for the ravens. they trim the roster from 75 down to 53. before they get to the cutting, the ravens start to reshape things determining what will take place with ed reed. he be labeled physically unable to perform. he cannot play for the first six weeks of the season. the only up-side is he does not count against the 53-man roster.
6:53 am
today the ravens have to decide whether they will keep three quarterbacks. this week's loss to the rams at st. louis. >> we have to be out there and play on the field. we are playing tremendously hard. i'm leaving this stadium with my head held high. i'm ok. >> school is back. so is high school football. time to kick off our extra points coverage. we will start things this week with the game youed as the game of the week. tyler young connecting on the six-yard slam for the touchdown. raundel up at half time. old mill getting back into it. the ball comes loose. after the play, it's whistled
6:54 am
dead. this time, straight up the mit -- middle. still in the third quarter, time for special teams to come on. recovers the ball at the 1-yard-line. gone zagia -- gonzaga pays a visit. walker wide open! 55 yard touchdown. 7-0 eagles in front. second quarter, gonzaga gets right back into it. a 6-point run and we've got a game. how is this for a pass? fingerat this point grab, and they knock off gonzaga 34-20.
6:55 am
opening at home against joppa town. there they are. dark jerseys. nice running behind a terrific offensive line, and then in the third quarter, that offensive line would open up enough for a touchdown. the score. perry hall knocks off joppa town. 24-7 the final. perry hall. lewis taking on northwestern. watch this return. a little spin move, and down the sideline he goes. 38 yards, 20-0. you got to like this run, too. not a bad game to say the least. northwest pulls away to celebrate the season opener. with buck showalter at the helm, orioles off to a 1-3 start in
6:56 am
that nine-game stretch losing 4-1 last night. garza 9-1 lifetime. the o's could not keep up with garza. >> a soft single into left field. joyce in to score. tampa bay goes on to beat the birds 34-1 last night to open the weekend set at camden yards. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> well? >> well, great. sunshine, beautiful temperatures. right through the holiday weekend, tomorrow morning, and monday morning, pleasantly cool. temperatures down to the low 50's. a little on the dry side. >> that's all the time we have
6:57 am
for now. "today" show is next. we'll be back in 20 minutes for a live update. captioned by the national captioning institute >> maryland was one of nine states awarded the federal race to the top grants.
6:58 am
nancy grazz mick -- grasmick and governor o'malley brought home millions for maryland students. it will help student achievement and turn around failing schools. they will work on revisions to the curriculum to ensure all graduates are college or career-ready upon graduation. improving the system's technology infrastructure and transforming local schools and districts. the unprecedented $4.3 billion federal program is aimed at boosting student achievement, turning around schools, and improving the teaching system. it is one of the first to watch school accountability, the race to the top grant is part of early perform efforts in maryland. this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could change things for the taxpayers and students of maryland.
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